Secret Hot Pot

Diane Heimlich – Iceland

Peter and I have been crowing about how good this trip was since we got home. You have a talent for managing both the physical and the personal aspects of the trip. The accommodations were great, the food was almost uniformly wonderful, and I am amazed that you were so generous with our alcohol desires. It was a very full trip, which for me is a great thing (why travel just to relax, on an expedition like this?).

I think that our group was good: individuals who were respectful of each other. And also really enjoyable, interesting. At times my head was spinning from the talk of the physics of geology, etc (though I “blame” my hubby for some of that). Then, I could look out the window (cleaned!) and think about mood and layers and light, right?

Thank you so much for such an enriching and fun experience. I started to think about Greenland as we were flying over it an looking out the window of the plane…..