Icecap from below.

Robert Buchholz – Iceland

Thank you once more for making this trip so flexible, so special, and so NON cookie cutter.

As I reflect on all we did, it’s impossible to choose a “best”. It’s like being asked which child is your favorite. Each day brought new sights, new experiences, and tons of laughter. Yes, I now have to measure laughter in 2000 lb increments.

Every waterfall was unique; every hike different from the last. Mindy, your tips made me a better photographer, and Sarah, I appreciate your patience with all my questions about Iceland as well as Antarctica and Greenland. The accommodations were perfect, and the meals exceeded my expectations.

I had a rough idea of what I wanted a trip to Iceland to be like. But it was bigger and more beautiful and more dramatic than I’d expected, and with your planning and attention to detail it was like five vacations in one, whether the stark, dramatic beauty of lava fields, steaming vents, or bubbling mud pots, or a spectacular waterfall, or the lush beauty of Lake Myvatn. The harbor in Husavik beautiful, and I’m proud of the sunset photos I took there. I really enjoyed rafting on a that glacial river, through the lava canyon. And to cap it off by the now infamous death defying plunge from “Backflip Ledge” into a raging, 35 degree river, as numerous hungry polar bears floated by on chunks of ice that had broken off from the nearby glacier. OK, so maybe there was no Iceberg, and maybe no polar bears, and maybe the ledge was only 15′. But “death defying” is pretty subjective so I’m sticking with it.

One thing that I’ve smiled about a lot was our sunrise hike to the secret waterfall and natural hot pot. Not because it was the best hike because it wasn’t, or the biggest waterfall, because it wasn’t, or the most spectacular view, because it wasn’t. It was memorable because we were up before sunrise to hiked in the cold morning air to soak as the sun came up in the neatest, most private natural hot pot I can imagine. And to think an ice cold river was only 3′ away!. It also stays with me because I shot an amazing photo of the brown horse with the piercing blue eyes. I have so many spectacular photographs, and they’ll always remind me of Iceland and of the four of us.

Sarah and Mindy, I’m especially glad to have gone on this trip while Big Chill Adventures is still in it’s infancy. I wish success for you in this venture, and I hope to someday “oh yeah, Big Chill Adventures…I knew them back when they first started out…”.

See ya soon in Canada or Greenland, or anywhere else special and uncrowded!