Preparation Checklist

Preparation Checklist


6 months or more prior to departure

Reserve your trip with Big Chill Adventures

Make flight reservations to Iceland

Make hotel reservations in Iceland for night prior to Greenland departure and night of arrival back from Greenland.

Check medical insurance regarding foreign travel converage and purchase travel insurance.

Obtain or update passport.

See your physican regarding physical readiness for the excursions, immunizations, travel advice, and medications.

Start physical fitness training.

Get excited!


3 months prior to departure

Review the packing list and buy necessary clothing and equipment, don’t wait until the last minute!

Review the camera packing list, make sure you have enough disks, batteries.

Continue physical fitness training.


2 months prior to departure

Make final payment to Big Chill Adventures.

Inform Big Chill Adventures of medical conditions and dietary restrictions.

Rent a global cell phone (guides will have local Greenlandic cell phones, phone numbers will be provided to travelers so you can be contacted).


1 month prior to departure

Make copies of drivers license, birth certificate, passport, health insurance card, vaccination card, plane tickets, credit cards, traveler’s checks. Leave one copy with someone at home and put one copy in your luggage separate from the originals.

Create a travel folder with:

  • Reservation confirmation
  • Flight documents
  • Emergency contacts
  • Vaccination records (if necessary)
  • Travel Insurance information

Make home arrangements for your time away (mail, pets, plants).


1 day prior to departure

Advise bank of foreign credit card use

Reconfirm check-in for international flights


Upon return

Fill out Big Chill Adventures trip evaluation form

Post pictures on the Big Chill Facebook page

Tell your friends about your adventure!