A complete list of suggestions for the items listed below can be found on Amazon, but you may have some items already or might find sizes from other brands work better for you.

HIKING BOOTS OR SHOES: Comfortable, lightweight and water repellent. Many companies make lightweight hiking boots that are moderately priced. Make sure these are well broken in, especially if all leather, before your trip. If you prefer strenuous hiking, you may want to invest in rugged hiking boots. You should put a coat of waterproofing compound on your boots before arriving to your destination.

HIKING SANDALS: If it is hot out and you are comfortable hiking in sandals (without ankle support) then these are great for days out in the jungle, rafting or even on the beach.

DAY PACK: This will come in handy for day hiking and van travel. This is not a frame pack but a smaller daypack variety with two shoulder straps that you carry on your back and large enough to hold rain gear, an extra sweater, water bottle, lunch, binoculars and anything else you would take on a day hike.

RAIN GEAR: During kayak excursions, group canoe paddles and explorations on foot, a good quality rain suit (both top and bottom) is a must to keep you warm and dry. Rain suits should be made of coated nylon with factory-sealed seams. The expensive Gore-tex variety is not really necessary; however, you may opt for this if you think you may have use for it again. Heavy rubberized rain gear will keep you dry, but it is bulky and weighty to carry. Please do NOT bring a plastic or vinyl rain suit or poncho; these tend to tear easily and quickly become useless when hiking and rafting.

PANTS & SHORTS: Several pairs of shorts or hiking skirts are great, and have a pair of quick-drying hiking pants along too.

SHIRTS: Two to three, short sleeved shirts; cotton or capilene works well. Have a long-sleeved, light colored, tightly woven shirt along for sun protection or if it gets cool out.

BRIMMED HAT: For sun protection. Some who don’t enjoy a hooded jacket prefer a rain hat.

SOCKS: Lightweight, athletic hiking or walking socks to prevent hot spots and blisters.

UNDERWEAR: Enough for your personal needs, non-cotton is best.

BATHING SUIT: There will be several opportunities for swimming, snorkeling and hot spring soaking so bring one!