Warm up with Big Chill Adventures in Central America

Panama is a country meant for adventure. From volcano to beach and all points in between, it hosts amazing landscapes, different cultures, culinary delights and incredible biodiversity. The cloud forest hosts the largest number of bird species in Central America and the sloths, turtles and monkeys round out the amazing fauna. The country is home to the Kuna & Embara Tribes, well known for their colorful fabrics and traditional craft making.  Snorkeling, white-water rafting, hiking the active volcano, hot spring soaking, and sampling coffee from the shade-grown coffee plantations are just some of the activities that Panama has to offer.

Co-founder Mindy Cambiar has extensive experience photographing the people, flora and fauna of Panama and is the lead guide for these trips.

Best Season:Spring, Fall
Popular Location: Cloud Forest, San Blas Islands

Trips to Panama

scheduled and custom trips available