Getting around in locales with inclement weather (or geology) can be tough, so we utilized multiple modes of transportation.


Once the trip starts, your all-inclusive adventure will include air travel, which may include helicopter and twin engine commercial planes. For most places in the Arctic, runways are quite short, so there are few places with runways long enough for a jet airplane.

4WD Vehicles

For the rough roads in these off-the-beaten path locations, we utilize the best 4WD vehicles that we can obtain. In Iceland, we drive a 5-7 passenger SUV (Toyota Landcruiser, Nissan Patrol, or Land Rover) equipped with large tires and high clearance. In Greenland, it is more difficult to obtain comfortable SUVs, but the distances we cover are much shorter. Usually we drive one 4-door Toyota Hilux per four people. The advantage of the Hilux pickup truck is that we can use the truck bed to observe muskox and caribou without the doors and windows obstructing our view and still be safe.


Sometimes we get in a boat for fun – kayaking amongst the icebergs or whale-watching! And sometimes we get in a boat for both fun and transport. Transport by boat can be a ferry, closed Targa (with an outside deck), or an open speed boat.