Because Big Chill Adventures takes participants ‘off the beaten track and off the big tour bus’, we can’t always stay in city-style hotels. Accommodations can take several forms:


We try to make most of our accommodations in 3 or 4 star hotels. Returning to the comforts of a warm, soft bed and a shower make kayaking amongst icebergs or hiking on the icesheet much more enjoyable. When we stay in hotels, every room has a private bathroom with a shower.

Bed and Breakfasts

In many towns we visit there are no traditional, large hotels that we think have the level of quality beds and atmosphere that we want our clients to experience. Oftentimes, a more welcoming experience comes from a local B&B or farm stay. In the rare occasions that we stay in a B&B or farm stay, many rooms do not have private bathrooms available. But, we never share with more than two other rooms and rarely with people outside of the Big Chill Adventures group.

Private Cabins

Many of the farm stays and rustic locations have small cabins or cottages instead of a main hotel or lodge. In this case, each single guest, couple, or family will have their own cabin with a private bathroom.

Shared accommodation (traditional huts) orĀ Glamping

Our most rustic and roughing it experience comes when we spend the night out away from a town. This may because of a multi-day dogsledding trip or to get deep into the mountains. In either case, this experience will be a little more rugged. Guests will have the best cots and sleeping bags that Big Chill Adventures have, will have a warm cooked meal with group, and share a room with others from the group. No showers are available (and it is so cold that you probably wouldn’t want one anyway!). And toilets areĀ either a pit toilet or camp toilet.